Canbo’s goal is to minimize its operational costs in an effort to offer price discounts to its customers. As the pioneer of the hard-discount model in Iran, thanks to its organizational structure, efficient cost management and limited product portfolio, Canbo builds its hard-discount concept on three main pillars:
  • To speed up decision-making and implementation processes by establishing a dynamic logistics and information network between regional offices and stores with a decentralized organizational structure.
  • To avoid any unnecessary expenses that might raise the product prices; to minimize the management, store design, personnel, distribution, marketing and promotion costs.
  • To supervise quality standards most efficiently by limiting the product portfolio to 800 products and to offer customers these products at best possible prices.

Due to its high purchasing power, Canbo is the largest buyer of most of the products it sells. Hence, it encourages suppliers to make products at low cost with high quality.

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