Canbo Survey

Thank you for helping us for a better service
1-What is your gender?
2-How old are you?

3-What province you live?

4-what city you live?

5-what neighborhood you live in?

6-How you know Canbo?
7-Witch brands you want that is not in Canbo?

8-How is Canbo pricing?
9-How is Canbo employees behavior?
10-How much Canbo Employees help you?
11-How much employees notify you about promotions and discounts?
12-what other stores other than Canbo you prefer to buy from?

13-What is your reason?

14-Do you want to be on Canbo meeting?
15-If yes , write your phone number?

16-Do you have any suggestions?

17-what do you expect from Canbo club card?