Canbo… Always Low in Prices…
Canbo Discount Stores inaugurated their activities for the first time in Iran in 2011 with the main purpose of offering customers, groceries and consumer goods with the most reasonable prices and highest quality.

As the pioneer of the hard-discount model in Iran, Canbo, supplies a product portfolio of up to 1800 items and constantly aims at providing new services in this field.

In 2015, Canbo continued to pursue the policy of increasing its store numbers and constantly expanding its turnover. By the end of this year Canbo managed to open 150 stores in Iran. By prioritizing the concept of quality and customer satisfaction, as well as focusing on efficient cost management, Canbo made rapid and continuous progress, adding a hundred more stores in three various regions, approximating the number of its stores to 250 in 2016. In 2020, Canbo succeeded at approaching the number of 1250 stores in 26 provinces and 180 cities. Canbo consistently proceeds with its activities based on trust in customers and suppliers in order to provide optimal services.
Concept of High Quality in Canbo

Canbo’s quality circle covers all the stages of purchase from suppliers to the distribution and delivery of goods to the customer. Canbo targets its services with a focus on product assurance and customer satisfaction. This chain store has raised the level of its services to the standard by relying on continuous training of personnel and offering high-quality products with reasonable prices to customers in all its stores throughout Iran.
Concept of Hard-Discount in Canbo

Relying on the lowest cost of operations management, Canbo shares its profits in this section by offering discounts to the customers. Employing a pre-planned structure, using effective cost management and offering basic products with high discounts, the concept of hard-discount is based on the following three principles:
•    Decentralized organizational structure in order to speed up communication with stores and logistics management of the region to accelerate decision-making and implementation processes.
•    Avoiding any unnecessary expenses that might raise product prices i.e., planning for management operations resulting in the simplicity of store design, optimization of the personnel number and distribution process, as well as minimizing marketing and promotion costs.
•    Limiting the variety and number of products to 1800 types of quality goods and monitoring their sales with the most effective method and the lowest price.

Due to its high purchasing power, Canbo Store buys its products at the lowest prices from suppliers, and through high sales in Iran, encourages suppliers to offer quality products at reasonable prices.

Canbo employs a detailed and well-thought mode of operation for product selection and pricing. Products that are offered to consumers in the stores are selected in such a way that they satisfy 80% of the basic daily requirements of any household.



CANBO cares about its customers more than short-term high profits

CANBO offers the highest quality products with the best possible prices

CANBO customers can benefit from return policy in which they can bring back the products that do not meet their standards by providing the receipt

CANBO choose high quality products specifically for its customers

CANBO avoids un necessary advertisings which will increase the prices.
CANBO displays the products in boxes and avoids unnecessary store expenses

CANBO rents stores at locations nearest to its customers

CANBO stores are decorated with minimalist simplicity

CANBO stores employ competent personnel who ensure uninterrupted delivery of service